The Chinese Birdcage

Palgrave Macmillan New York

How China’s Rise Almost Toppled the West

With China’s admission into the World Trade Organization in 2001, almost a billion people joined the global workforce, driving down the real wages of blue- and white-collar workers in the US and Europe while also lowering interest rates, which fueled housing bubbles and destabilized the financial sector. This book explores China’s significant influence on western economies by focusing on the links between the labor market, corporate profits, and interest rates, using Arthur Lewis’s framework for economic growth with unlimited supplies of labor to argue that by 2010 the world economy – and political situations – had been set back almost one hundred years.

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NY Service Economy


A Template for a Future Suburbia” in Here, There, Everywhere

The world is intertwined. What happens here, might be relevant there and could resonate everywhere. Initiated by the director of design company Droog, Renny Ramakers, Here, There, Everywhere scans the world for relevant topics and patterns, seeking the broader design relevance of local findings.

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Between Greed and Desire

New Amsterdam Publishers

The World between Wall Street and Main Street

Two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Western world is hit by the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Nothing is left of the triumphalism that was so dominant in the West. The crisis will have profound consequences not only when it comes to the value of the assets of individuals and corporations, but also for the balance of global power. Between Greed and Desire is a selection of columnist Heleen Mees’s work. With her sharp pen she warns of the emergence of authoritarian regimes like China and Russia and the role that excessive executive remuneration plays in the emergence of speculative bubbles in financial markets. Mees calls for the European welfare state to be transformed into an opportunity-based society similar to that of New York.

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No More Part Time Feminism

New Amsterdam Publishers

About Women, Careers and Ambition

More than half a century after the publication of Simone de Beauvoir’s feminist manifesto, Dutch women are still the second sex. In international rankings of women in top positions, the Netherlands shares the last place with Pakistan, a country where gang rape is seen as an acceptable punishment for a woman accused of adultery.

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Compendium of European Union Law

Kluwer Publishers

Academic textbook on European Union law.

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